ATGENDER Spring Conference 2019

Feminist Teaching Through Emotions, Feelings and Affects

Keynote Speakers: Prof. Alexandra Halkias (Panteion University) and Prof. María Socorro Suárez-Lafuente (University of Oviedo)

Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th May, Gijón, Spain

The 2019 edition of the
ATGENDER Spring Conference is dedicated to emotions, feelings and affects. Over the recent decades the impact of the “affective turn” has reached well beyond humanities (Ahmed 2004, Berlant 2000; Damasio 1994, Ekman 2012, Massumi 1995). In the mid-1990s claims were made about the importance of return of emotions into the (feminist) research agenda, where the ‘affective’ had been arguably suppressed by “theory”. Among others, Elspeth Probyn underlines how “[o]ur talk of feelings is vacuous revealing a void in our comprehension of the ways bodies are supposed to make meaning” (2004: 225). Feminist and gender studies open up a range of possibilities to both tackle emotions from various perspectives and to rupture the logic of binary thinking (Derrida 1978). The focus on emotions, feelings and affects opens intersectional feminist studies to multitudinous bodies with all their diversity. Interrogating feminist theories and practices by posing questions such as: ‘what potentialities (but also risks) can studies of affect offer for political and social transformation?’, or ‘have postmodernism and poststructuralism made bodies “truly glacial” (Terada 2001)?’, this conference aims to analyse how emotions, feelings and affects can empirically and theoretically reconcile mind and body; how the affective can help transgress binarisms; and what teaching and learning methodologies they foster.

The conference seeks to stimulate active and reciprocal exchanges between educators, students, graduates, researchers, activists and those professionally engaged with gender studies and intersectional feminist research and practices. We invite those interested in feminist debates and practices of teaching gender in and beyond Europe to join us in a series of exciting streams and events. Possible themes/topics can include, but are not limited to,

  • Affective turn in feminist pedagogies: teaching (through) emotions
  • Emotions within feminist theory, diversity and intersectionality
  • Teaching and emotional labour
  • Feminist pedagogies, ‘ugly’ affects and negative emotions: anger, anxiety and stress
  • Affects, transability and transgressive bodies/embodiments
  • Affective biopolitics and gender, sexuality, race, class, disability
  • Deconstructing romantic love: transcultural and transnational gender relations
  • Affects within dialogues in Europe from a feminist perspective

We welcome different formats (such as papers, panels, roundtables and workshops).

  • For individual presentations, please submit a proposal in the following format:
    • Title and abstract (200 words max.)
    • Autobiographical blurb (75 words max.)
  • For panels, roundtables and workshops, please submit a proposal in the following format:
    • Type of activity: Roundtable/Workshop/Panel or else
    • Title and abstract (350 words max.)
    • Autobiographical blurbs of participant(s) (75 words max. each)

Please submit your proposal for individual presentations or group formats by January 11th 2019 (Extended deadline: January 21th 2019) to atgender2019@espora.es. Proposals must be sent in a single file as an attachment (Word Doc). Acceptance notifications will be sent during the first week of February.

At the moment of submitting your proposal, it is possible to apply for one of the travel grants that ATGENDER has made available for students and/or unemployed people who cannot cover the travel/accommodation costs and registration fees. To apply, please send a short statement of motivation (10 lines max.) in a separate document, explaining why you should be awarded with a travel and accommodation grant.


The working language of the conference will be English, but a limited number of proposals in Spanish will be also taken into account.

Venue: University of Oviedo. Facultad de Comercio, Turismo y Ciencias Sociales Jovellanos, Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

Organizers: University of Oviedo, AUDEM, Espora, ATGENDER.